Leisure and Recreation Management was established in 2000.

               Our department aims to improve people’s living standards through expanding, applying and differentiating knowledge of tourism, leisure and recreation.
We emphasize that our students are to be competent in global vision, responsibility, teamwork, ethics and self-awareness.
Thus, our department provides students with excellent, easy-to-understand opportunities to learn from diverse perspectives, including societal background, ethics, culture and economics.
In this way, we cultivate excellent citizens who possess the required abilities to deal with the diverse society and global community.

              Besides learning core leisure and recreation management professional knowledge, techniques, and practical operations, our students are equipped through the features of our education as listed below:

1. Cultivate expertise in study and perform above the common standard in the field of leisure and recreation

2. Study and learn about the newest leisure and recreation matters

3. Build a good foundation of planning and management of leisure and recreation resources

4. Strengthen creativity and research and development (R&D) potential in leisure and recreation

5. Attentive to the professional training of leisure and recreation marketing research and strategies; grasp the development demands and consumer trends of the nation.