2023.12.05 【When college students attend an international conference 1】

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Wow! What Amazing !!
Ms. Lu, a senior student. In addition to being a quasi-graduate student, she went to London, UK to attend an international conference.
She also went to South Korea to participate in an international conference with Dean Hsuan-Hsuan Chang. This is the second time that she has participated in an international conference.
Let’s listen to what she shares

I am Chinghsuan Lu, a fourth-year student majoring in Leisure and Recreation Management at Ming Chuan University. I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to attend the 10th annual conference organized by the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) Asia Pacific Chapter at Sejong University in Seoul, South Korea, and present my research. The focus of my presentation is on issues related to sports addiction. Before the conference, I wrote and submitted the abstract in August of this year. Upon receiving the opportunity to present, I began preparing for the oral presentation. This marks my first time presenting research entirely in English, and as such, I spent two months practicing, including oral skills and vocabulary, through repeated exercises to ensure a better performance. The conference boasted a diverse group of attendees, including fellow student presenters and professors from different countries. This diversity enriched the range of research topics, covering studies on hotel customer loyalty and trust, as well as relevant issues in smart tourism and location selection. One presentation that left a lasting impression on me was from a scholar in Macau who focused on research related to casino tourism—a particularly unique topic. Given my academic background in the field of gaming, this research resonated with me. The conference marked my first participation as a presenter, providing me with significant learning experiences. Participating in international conferences allows me to receive diverse research information and engage in meaningful exchanges with other scholars. I always find such participation in conferences to be highly beneficial. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Ming Chuan University’s Higher Education Sprout Project for providing financial support for my participation in this international conference.